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The Fuel system for AE is so designed, that change-over from diesel to fuel is always harmful for Engine. The Fuel Oil with temperature up to 130 C coming to the system and press out the DO with 50-55 C only.
This rapid increase in temperature ( 60-80 C withing 1-2 minutes ) affects the Fuel Pumps and sometime the Pumps Plungers and Injectors are stucked. This stucking leads to RPM and frequency drops and in worst case to black out.
I was discussed the question with previous Chief Engineers and talk to 3 engineers and they confirm that such a problem exists.
Up to now we experience this random "plunger stuck" on 5 of 6 pumps on engine #2. We have checked all appropriate equipments and parts, including Plunger Lubricating system, and not found any abnormalities there. The Plungers itself was not damaged and get free after cool down, but anyway we was replace them for inspection. Note, that all HP Pumps on engine #2 has NEW plungers with small clearances.
In contrary, the OLD plungers practically never stucked.
I think we found here good solution of named problem, but because of sensitive equipment I want to agree the actions with You.
We propose to install tha addition Circulating Line on each AE. Than the Change Over procedure will be smooth and bumpless, as described below (see drawing included):
To change-over after start Engine on diesel oil:
a) open the Re-circulation valve 5
b) close DO Outlet Valve 3 (FO outlet 4 must be closed too)
c) open the FO Delivery Valve 2
d) close DO Delivery Valve 1

Now the FO coming into the Diesel with rate about 0.5-1 ltr/min (consumption of engine) and circulate, deluting the DO and slowly rising mixture FO+DO temperature. On 15-20 minute, when mixture temperature rising up to 110-120 C

e) open the FO outlet Valve 4
f) close Re-circulating Valve 5.

The change over form FO to DO will be executed similar way.

Such a way we AVOID harm influence of temperature shock on the Fuel System during change-over procedure and HP Fuel Pump stack following it.


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